EXTENTS is a curated collection of student work in the landscape architecture department at the University of Washington, assembled and edited by the UW chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects (UWASLA). This year the publication team has identified three broad themes that contextualize the work being done by students in the department: legibility, resilience, and healing. Taken together, these themes provide an image of the big questions being tackled by landscape students at UW: How can overlapping systems be revealed and elucidated in urban spaces? How can human and biological communities thrive in challenging environments? How can landscape architecture support the healing of toxic landscapes and encourage physical well-being?

The projects in this publication were evaluated anonymously by a panel of professionals on the basis of content, graphic presentation, and technical attributes. All student work in landscape architecture at the UW was eligible for submission. The resulting collection in this issue of EXTENTS represents some of the most engaging student work completed at the UW during the 2016-2017 academic year. In print these projects appear static, but the concepts and challenges they address will continue to be re-evaluated and re-imagined as part of the iterative process of design education. EXTENTS is a snapshot of this ongoing process and a window into the collective imagination of landscape students this year at the UW.

– The UWASLA publication team


Sierra Druley

Thematic artwork:
Joshua Gawne
Tori Shao

Produced with funds from:
UW Department of Landscape Architecture

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Printing Center USA.
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Publication team:
Nicky Bloom
Laura Durgerian
Joshua Gawne
Derek Holmer
Jean Ni
Allison Ong
Tori Shao
Monica Taylor
Tatyana Vashchenko

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