Contemporary landscapes often have toxic legacies. Projects in this section utilize landscape architecture as a healing practice, either to remediate toxins on a polluted site or to help provide a therapeutic space for psychological healing and wellbeing.

Where the Sidewalk Ends illustrates an imaginative vision for a bioremediation park along the heavily polluted Duwamish river. Jackson Park envisions a the transformation of a golf course into a publicly accessible, multi- functional series of outdoor rooms. Vrt Užitka (Garden of Delight) creates a therapeutic garden for a diverse community in Rijeka, Croatia as part of an Autumn 2016 design/build studio. Thornton Creek Connections helps a community heal its relationship to its watershed through moments of visual and sensory connection.


Jackson Park

Tatyana Vashchenko


Vrt Užitka

Nicky Bloom, Nathania Martinez, Jean Ni, Tara Van Corbach