Landscape architecture has the ability to bring people into closer communication with the patterns and processes of their built and natural environments. Projects in this section have a specific focus on revealing, enhancing, and distilling phenomena to create legible landscapes.

Stop Making Sense imagines a way to mark the legacy of nuclear waste at the Hanford nuclear facility in Eastern Washington. Urban Loom and Norrebro Plads: A Vital Edge reveals stormwater processes and clarify way finding in a new multi- modal transit hub in Copenhagen, Denmark. Painting Ecological Process works with cycles of drought and flood in Szinda, Zimbabwe to create a landscape inscribed with seasonal changes. Tactile Map Tile utilizes 3D printing technology to build a more inclusive, non-visual method for mapping urban environments. Freeze | Thaw explores chemical state changes and refraction through a physical concept model, and Reading the Elwha annotates environmental history and landscape experience along the Elwha river.

Site I Installation

Stop Making Sense

Kasia Keeley, Andrew Prindle


Urban Loom

Robin Croen, Sierra Druley, Laura Durgerian, Joshua Gawne


Painting Ecological Process

Nicky Bloom, Xinyu Shen

Finished Product

Tactile Map Tile

Jess Hamilton


Nørrebro Plads: A Vital Edge

Jack Alderman, Jesse Shan, Kevin Van Meter, Tatyana Vashchenko


Freeze | Thaw

Sophie Krause


Reading the Elwha

Robin Croen, Jean Ni