Jackson Park

Tatyana Vashchenko

Taking into consideration the neighborhood’s proposed zoning and population density changes, this project explores options for how Jackson Park Golf Course, a park currently managed by a for-pro t golf management company, might be reimagined to better serve its community and region. Situated on two light-rail stops, the 160- acre park is uniquely positioned to have a regional reach.Analysis of walkability to publicly accessible open spaces shows that a significant area to the south and east of Jackson Park is underserved, despite being located immediately adjacent to what is technically a public park property. This proposal leverages the already established pattern of greens and naturalized woods to choreograph a sequential experience for park visitors to experience while walking, running or bicycling through the park. Existing conifers are selectively cleared, leaving stumps and snags, paying homage the site’s history of logging while providing wildlife and fungal habitat.

The proposed park’s extensive meadows are managed through rotational grazing, while a central green functions as a year-round range for the park’s resident sheep, kept by a non-pro t animal husbandry program. Gabion Ha-Has serve as a way-finding tool along the park’s central walking loop which links the numerous programmatic functions accommodated along its perimeter.