Urban Loom

Robin Croen, Sierra Druley, Laura Durgerian, Joshua Gawne

The future site of Nørrebro Station is currently a physical and cultural intersection. Bus, metro, train, and bicycle commuters all converge here. With the highest refugee population in Copenhagen, languages, cultures, and lifestyles also converge here. The project’s biggest challenge, and biggest opportunity, is weaving together this diversity to create a stronger, more dynamic, and more vibrant urban fabric. Urban Loom draws upon existing site features, both form and function, to deploy a range of design ideas that integrate culturally significant spaces, mixed-modal transportation, and ties into the existing infrastructural systems of the city.

warp [wôrp]

The threads on a loom over and under which other threads (the weft) are passed to make cloth.

The vibrant and diverse Nørrebro identity forms the backbone and inspiration for design intervention. Form is found and supported by the rhythm of the train columns, and gaps between columns become opportunities to create porous public space.

weft [weft]

The crosswise threads on a loom over and under which other threads (the warp) are passed to make cloth.

Weaving between existing assets and constraints, design complement the already vibrant existing character.