Gathering Terrain

Sierra Druley, Jean Ni

The Painted Dog Research trust is a space dedicated to ecological research, landscape rehabilitation, and environmental stewardship. Gathering Terrain is a framework for design interventions on the site that support this mission by mitigating extreme rainfall patterns and creating opportunities for ecological and technological engagement. The project represents a conceptual framework that utilizes discrete, deployable technologies within a phased, radially-expanding implementation plan. Intensive management and human activity in concentrated on the site, allowing more room for habitat restoration. Within this framework, each technology addresses a specific set of environmental and functional issues while also creating space for human connection to these processes.

Each of the five phases—collect, treat, fortify, grow and connect, are designed to support a highly functioning landscape and provide immersive human experience on the site. By bridging the gap between resilience technologies and experiential connection to place, this plan aims to support ecological literacy and landscape stewardship in the Szinda community and in the PDRT’s wider diaspora.