Interconnection | Independence

WenWen Cao, Aaron Parker

This project design promotes a fully self- sufficient system for the PDRT campus in Zimbabwe. On the broad scope, they used cultural symbolism, community needs, and forward thinking technologies to implement scalable and contextually relevant systems for a more functionally sustainable campus. They used the concept of a gyroscope to impel the system focused thinking of the design. The circular form comes from research and analysis of Zimbabwean culture. The gyroscope, like the campus system, has many independent moving cycles within a whole interdependent system. The team considered the inputs and also the outputs of the system, and the inner circulation relationship of water remediation through the wetland, agricultural production, aquaculture, and the rest of the proposed enterprises. Over time, the development of the campus will support more students who will support more research and system management leading to more self-sufficient and sustainable campus model.