Andrew Badgett, Margot Chalmers

The intent of this project is to provide the Painted Dog Research Trust with a phased, agrarian master plan that addresses issues of food security and climate change within the community. The Painted Dog Research Trust in Zimbabwe is building a new research center and wanted a sustainable water management and treatment wetland as well as scalable technologies and techniques that could be co-opted by local residents.

The site is designed to set up scalable nutrient, soil, and water retention systems. These systems are layered together to demonstrate how to prepare soil for the production of high-yielding crops, how to utilize livestock to improve vegetation and soil health, and how to capture, clean, and re-use storm, black and grey water. A tidal wetland filtration system blends function with form by purifying water for agricultural use by pumping it through a series of wetlands that are raised to different heights, simultaneously providing visitors with a dynamic educational experience.

The 30-year master plan transforms the site into a productive and sustainable landscape that is capable of adapting to climate change and provides a consistent source of food. The design showcases replicable agricultural and sustainability technologies and practices that the community members could adapt to their own plots.