Making Shadows

Making Shadows

Jackie Donovan

A contemplation on how two dimensional design becomes seen with depth.

I was asked to be a shadow designer  for a play called “We Go Mad” this past summer. I couldn’t believe my luck, this was an opportunity to explore a new medium that challenged my vision of design. It was also a chance to explore landscape architecture through the lens of  shadow making.

There was a challenge to create multiple scenes of a mystical forest. I used my knowledge of native plants and mystical fairy lands that I had grown up with in my head. I used rhino, illustrator, and photoshop (mostly for collaging), but it all had to be tested with an overhead projector, sheets, and silhouettes.

Rhino helped when I needed to design the haunted house. I  used it to cast many views and set it to illustrator. This way we can explore the home in way that felt united through various glimpses on the overhead projector.


This is a illustrator drawing of vines that we cut out with a vinyl machine.


This image is of me testing the size of bath for silhouette and projection.

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